Jonny Lindsay, (cellist) and Vicky Whelan (song writer, piano and vocals) recorded this in Sheffield at James Bacon’s Piano Recordings. This is a live version of the song which is also on Dragonfly Tattoo’s new ep, Closer to the Sun.

The song was inspired by a real cape which is woven of silk harvested from Golden Orb Madagascan spiders. A project by Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley, it took a whole team of people 3 years to weave the cape and harvest by hand the silk from 1,000 golden orb spiders before releasing them back into the wild. The golden colour of the cape is the natural colour of the silk; exquisite designs are woven into it. It is on display at the V&A in London. “I read about the cape and was inspired to write this song, which wrote itself very quickly, it seemed to spin out from my fingers, directly from the ether and onto the piano, the words coming very quickly too- sometimes with songs it’s like that, they seem to be waiting to be written. I liked the fairtale idea of the cape giving special powers to the wearer- invisibility, strength to face fears, to be your true self.”